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Κατέβασμα εγχειρίδιου χρήσης για το VulnLIB Enterprise Auditor (PDF).

VulnLIB Enterprise Auditor

VulnLIB Enterprise Auditor is a powerful and innovative tool that can provide a comprehensive, daily audit of missing security updates across an entire IT infrastructure accompanied by specific recommendations for patches and upgrades from software vendors. By collecting this information in one place, VulnLIB Enterprise Auditor supports an information-rich and streamlined patch management workflow to allow IT managers to respond to security threats much faster than they would otherwise be able to.

The problem: Inadequate patch management

According to the Gardner Group, more than 90% of intrusions could be avoided simply by keeping systems up to date with the latest security patches. The cost of dealing with intrusions after they have occurred is generally much higher than prevention, so effective tools for patch management are an essential investment.

Without supporting tools, discovering which upgrades and patches need to be installed requires IT managers to cross-check all of the software used on all of their systems against all relevant advice from software vendors and independent sources within the software security community. The complexity of this task makes security fixes susceptible to delays and omissions while demanding a high level of expertise from IT personnel.

VulnLIB Enterprise Auditor is the only solution on the market that can handle the complex task of automating these crosschecks to give IT managers prompt access to the specific, detailed advice they need to secure their systems as quickly as possible.

The solution: VulnLIB Enterprise Auditor

VulnLIB Enterprise Auditor is a software inventory management solution that checks the installed packages on your systems against a vast database of vulnerabilities and provides specific recommendations for patches, upgrades and workarounds as well as other supporting information to allow IT managers to decide on the best methods of remediation.

An intuitive web-based interface places VulnLIB's full database at your fingertips, with simple options to filter information and provide statistical reporting according to your business needs. The VulnLIB library contains patch and upgrade information reaching back more than a decade with support for:

  • Microsoft products (Windows, Internet Explorer, .NET Framework, Office, etc.)
  • Linux distributions (Debian, Ubuntu, Red Hat, SuSE, Mandriva, CentOS)
  • Apple products
  • Oracle products (Solaris, Java, MySQL, etc.)
  • IBM products
  • and many, many more


  • Statistics about vulnerabilities and installed software.
  • Historical inventory views allow managers to review all vulnerabilities and installed software at previous time points.
  • Information about security vulnerabilities is available even when the relevant software is not installed, so IT managers can assess the impact of installing it before doing so.
  • Automatic e-mail alerts can be triggered when critical vulnerabilities are detected.
  • Powerful tools for importing inventory information in a variety of different formats (csv, xml, html, text).

Need more? No problem. VulnLIB Enterprise Auditor can be tailored to your individual business needs.

Κατέβασμα εγχειρίδιου χρήσης για το VulnLIB Enterprise Auditor (PDF).

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